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Western Agriculture
Labour Initiative

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Western Agriculture Labour Initiative

Welcome to the Western Agriculture Labour Initiative (WALI). WALI has undergone a change in services. WALI no longer processes foreign worker applications; instead it focuses on agricultural labour and human resources issues and it represents British Columbia agriculture in regional and national foreign worker meetings. 


Roles and Responsibilities under WALI


  • Growers fill out their own paperwork for the Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program (SAWP) and the Low Skilled Worker Program, including
    • The Labour Market Opinion (LMO)
    • Arranging for job advertising
    • Arranging for accommodations to be inspected
    • Contacting the appropriate Consulate
    • Contacting the travel agent to arrange for flights – currently all flights from Mexico City with Air Canada must be booked through Mi Tierra Holidays.  This may change if Mexicana Airlines begins operations between Mexico and Vancouver again.
    • Flights from Canada to Mexico City or other Mexican destinations may be booked by the employers.
  • For assistance and tips on the application process, please see Application Process Page 


  • Some associations may assist their members with paperwork, sometimes for a fee.  Associations assist their members with information and communications

BC Agriculture Council

  • The BCAC through the Labour Committee is responsible for human resources issue management and policy