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About us

New Action Plan for WALI

The British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC) and its horticultural based member organizations have developed an action plan for the management of human resources and labour policy for BC agriculture. The plan centers on the continuation and restructuring of the Western Agriculture Labour Initiative (WALI). WALI was a two-year Pilot Project funded through user fees and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC. During the two years of the pilot program, WALI became the public face of foreign worker programs in BC agriculture, providing a wide range of services including administration, issue management and policy development.

WALI continues as a committee under the BCAC, but under the new human resources action plan, the services provided by WALI under the Pilot Project are split among the BCAC, its member organizations and the farmers who utilize foreign worker programs. BCAC has taken on responsibility for managing labour-related issue management and policy development. The sector associations will work with their members to provide administrative services for the foreign worker programs. The new model is based to a large degree on the findings of a consultant’s report which developed options for the future direction of WALI.


WALI Management Committee

Representative  Sector
Rhonda Driediger, Co-Chair BCAC Board
Jeff Hicks, Co-Chair Nursery
Jerry Alamwala Berries
Ravi Cheema Greenhouse vegetable
Ken Denbok Floriculture
David H Geen CAHRC
Sukhdev Goraya Tree fruits
Hester Mulder Poultry
Art Postma Dairy
Bill Zylmans Field vegetables


WALI Supporting Partner Associations 

Association Contact
B.C. Blueberry Council Debbi Etsell
B.C. Cranberry Growers Association Mike Wallis
B.C. Fruit Growers' Association Glen Lucas
B.C. Grapegrowers' Association Connie Bielert
B.C. Greenhouse Growers' Association Linda Delli Santi
B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association Hedy Dyck
B.C. Potato & Vegetable Growers Association Robert Butler
B.C. Wine Grape Council Louise Corbeil
Fraser Valley Cole Crop Growers' Association Henry Wiens
Fraser Valley Strawberry Growers Association Sharmin Gamiet
Okanagan Kootenay Cherry Growers Association Christine Dendy
Raspberry Industry Development Council Sharmin Gamiet
United Flower Growers' Co-op Bob Pringle